Powering Logistics, Boosting Success: GrowthNexus and ProfitQuest Partnership
Employee Training
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6 November, 2023 |

Miami, Florida: Hubtek, LLC today announced a new strategic partnership with GrowthNexus. This partnership will expand ProfitQuest’s ability to help clients develop leadership within their organization by using the training, coaching, and fractional leadership services of GrowthNexus. Effective November 6th, Tim Kolb, Managing Partner of GrowthNexus, will be Executive Vice President and Divisional Manager within the new entity. Michael Caney, the Founder of GrowthNexus, will continue to provide strategic leadership to the organization, while Managing Partner John Rivers will oversee the company’s fractional leadership services.

“I am excited about this partnership with GrowthNexus. The combined companies will be the market leader in executive coaching, training and development, and fractional leadership for the North American transportation industry. Combining the ProfitQuest Learning Management System platform, Executive Growth Acceleration Program with GrowthNexus’s Fractional Leadership offering will provide clients with a robust consultancy partner that can help power any logistics company no matter the size of the company or the size of the client’s goals” said Joel McGinley, Strategic Director of ProfitQuest and Managing Director at Hubtek. 

“Hubtek and ProfitQuest will give us the underlying infrastructure and round out our service portfolio so that we can be better assured of providing clients the services they need to accelerate the growth of their businesses.” Stated Tim Kolb, President of GrowthNexus. 

The benefits of this new partnership include.  

  • A Complete Consultancy and Leadership Development Platform 
  • Enhanced Training Modules 
  • A Robust Stable of Consultants and Coaches

About ProfitQuest powered by Hubtek: ProfitQuest is a division of Hubtek and is dedicated to offering learning and development programs, coaching, and consultancy to the North American transportation industry. Online learning, growth acceleration programs, leadership and new hire assessments, and executive coaching are just some of the services provided by ProfitQuest. 

About GrowthNexus: GrowthNexus provides fractional leadership services, executive coaching, peer-to-peer networking, and ad hoc solutions to brokerage leaders throughout the logistics industry.