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10 January, 2024 |

Mexico is currently regarded as the most important partner for talent outsourcing, surpassing Asian countries as a primary supplier of these services. Companies are achieving cost reductions at a crucial moment when the market needs them the most. It is no wonder that many more businesses have decided to explore this trend. 

There are several compelling benefits to hiring people in Mexico through nearshoring: cost savings exceeding 20% cost reduction, a large pool of bilingual professionals, geographic proximity, cultural similarities, Mexico’s innovation ecosystem, among others. With such benefits, businesses are eager to explore the option of outsourcing talent in Mexico. But, what crucial considerations do you need to address before starting to build your Mexican expansion plan? In this blog post, we aim to answer that question. 

Considerations to address include: 

What do you want to accomplish: 

The initial step is to internally define your outsourcing objective. Clarity is Power: Define your nearshoring goals. Cost reduction? Improved lead times? Access to talent? Market expansion? Knowing your “why” steers your every move.  

  • Identify job positions suitable for outsourcing. 
  • Determine which positions you want to outsource. 
  • Understand the market average salary for those positions. 
  • Establish your current budget for those positions. 
  • Project the expected savings from outsourcing (typically around 20%). 

Prioritize & Prosper: Align your objectives with your resources and make informed decisions about your nearshoring model  

Market Research: 

Once you have this information, ensure compliance with legal requirements in your target country for a successful outsourcing process. Seek professional advice on Mexican labor laws, tax regulations, and intellectual property protection. 

  • Immerse yourself in the Mexican business environment. 
  • Understand regulations, cultural norms, and economic trends. 
  • Research potential locations, infrastructure, and workforce availability. 

Operational Setup: 

  • Decide on your ideal nearshoring approach, considering factors like control, flexibility, and investment costs. 
    • Do you want to manage everything related to your remote employees, (KPIs, training, sick leaves, holidays, vacations, etc), or would you prefer to have in-house support?
    • Do you want to handle salary, taxes, and social security bills, or would you prefer a third party to manage those?
    • Do you want to purchase and send the equipment to be used, or would you prefer a third party to manage that?

Strategic Partner:  

  • A Vital Ally: Don’t venture alone! Find a trusted partner with deep knowledge of the Mexican market. A strong partnership can streamline the process, anticipate challenges, and unlock hidden opportunities. Talentek, powered by Hubtek, specializes in providing global talent, with operations in Mexico. Count on us to support your transition with ease. Contact us now! 

Embarking on the journey of outsourcing talent can be challenging, with common questions such as “How do I start with Nearshore Staffing in Mexico?” or “What are the hidden costs and risks of outsourcing talent?” proving difficult to answer. At Talentek, we can serve as your guide and partner, assisting you in navigating the complexities and thriving in the Mexican market. Are you ready to boost your business and seize this opportunity? Schedule your free consultation with us before making a decision: here.

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