MODE Global Chooses Tabi Connect in Their Quest to Digitize Full Truckload Business.  
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11 January, 2024 |

MODE Global partners with Tabi Connect. Through this, MODE Global will be able to automate quoting rates across its entire customer base.

Tabi Connect, a cutting-edge Rate Management System (RMS) built and powered by Hubtek, and MODE Global, a leading $4 billion multimodal logistics service provider, are excited to announce a collaborative partnership. This partnership will enhance MODE Global’s rating process, which will enable the company to automate the rate quoting process across their entire shipper network. This initiative will reduce their cost to serve, empower their analytics team to capture and improve their quoting process, and increase the speed of delivering rates to their shipper base.  

“MODE has set out to build an ecosystem of best-of-breed partners, and Tabi Connect is a foundational building block to our enterprise-wide digital strategy,” said Gene Welsh, MODE Global’s Chief Transportation Officer. “Our goal to drive productivity and efficiency gains across our organization, coupled with the need to provide accurate and competitive rates, makes Tabi Connect a perfect-fit partner for the long-term vision of our pricing infrastructure.”  

Tabi Connect is the first of its kind Rating Management System specializing in the U.S. domestic trucking market that is enabling Logistics Service Providers (LSP) to rapidly deploy omnichannel rating automation and analytics across their shipper base. With Tabi Connect’s SaaS-based platform, LSPs can automate all shipper platforms via RPA and APIs, free-form text emails, and RFPs, with easy-to-use reporting and dashboards already built into the user interface.  

Dan Hellmann, Tabi Connect’s Chief Sales Officer stated, “It has been a pleasure working alongside the MODE Global executive team. Their desire for speed, reliability and overall functionality is what all leading logistics companies are striving for, and Tabi Connect was able to check each box to meet the requirements of their extremely diverse customer base. This reason is why logistics companies are moving away from cumbersome automation solutions towards complete platforms such as Tabi Connect”  

About MODE Global  

MODE Global is a $4B multi-brand 3PL platform, and one of the world’s leading logistics companies. We are the sixth-largest truckload freight brokerage and the largest non-asset intermodal provider in the United States. Through our family of brands, which includes Avenger Logistics, MODE Transportation and SUNTECKtts, we offer more than 30 years of experience providing exceptional service with a focus on customer experience. MODE Global provides efficient, reliable transportation services around the world to more than 10,000 customers across a diverse set of markets. Powered by a sophisticated suite of technology solutions, MODE makes supply chain management easy through relationships with more than 100,000 carriers and agents in 230 locations throughout North America. For more information on how to transform your shipping solutions, please visit www.modeglobal.com.  

About Tabi Connect  

Tabi Connect, powered by Hubtek, is the leading automation platform in the domestic logistics space dedicated to transforming the logistics industry through innovation and collaboration. With a focus on automated rate quoting and data-driven solutions, Tabi Connect empowers logistics professionals to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of market trends.

For inquiries, please contact Laura Restrepo at laurarest@tabiconnect.com or visit www.GoHubtek.com

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