How can you create a successful approach to business growth, and what do you need to plan for along the way?

Creating a competitive advantage is largely dependent upon having a solid business strategy that serves as the baseline for all your efforts. Whether you’re a broker, shipper, or carrier, setting your overarching objectives and creating a strategic plan to achieve them is key to reaching those goals and growing your business. Hubtek, a leading Logistics Industry solutions provider, is partnering with FreightWaves in an hour-long webinar to discuss the answer to those questions.

Key areas of discussion will include:

  • The basics of a solid strategic plan
  • The importance of employee buy-in and how to achieve it
  • How technology can help optimize and automate processes
  • The need for accountability to ensure everyone is working toward the same goals

The approach will be simple and straightforward: We will begin by talking about establishing a strategic plan and explain the difference between an idea and a plan. Then we will discuss the importance of building a good foundation from a leadership perspective, involving your team to generate employee buy-in, and applying technology to optimize your overall performance. We will finish by reviewing the accountability that’s needed to ensure success.


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