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87% of companies relegate the training of their team to their best workers, which leads to distractions and low productivity in their daily activities and inconsistency in training. Are you sure you want to leave this important task in their hands? Discover how to increase your ROI with our training programs.

Training, coaching, strategic planning, and industry networking for your business.

Are You Tired of Employee Training That Falls Short of Success?

Say goodbye to ineffective employee training! ProfitQuest offers a dynamic solution to transform your workforce into a powerhouse of success. With our tailored training programs, we bridge the gap between where your team is and where they need to be.

Improved Employee Performance

Improved Employee Performance

Employees trained through ProfitQuest perform at their best, driving overall company performance.

Increased Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Streamlined training processes lead to more efficient operations, saving time and resources.

Higher Employee Retention

Higher Employee Retention

Did you know that 22% of employees leave their new job within the first 45 days? This can be avoided if companies implement a good onboarding plan.

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

Employees acquire new skills and knowledge, leading to increased productivity and output.

Measurable ROI

Measurable ROI

ProfitQuest’s platform delivers measurable results, providing a clear return on investment for your training efforts.

Want to Know How Our Training Curriculums Can Accelerate Your Success in this Competitive Industry?

New Hires

Our training provides comprehensive training for employees - new hires

What Are Your New Hires Missing?

This training is designed to provide comprehensive training for employees new to the transportation and brokerage sector. Over the course of one year, trainees will receive a well-rounded education, covering industry fundamentals, specialized roles, communication skills, problem-solving, and more.

Efficient Onboarding

Faster onboarding, saving time and resources.

Quick Productivity

Faster, more productive employees from the start.

Improved Collaboration

Enhanced teamwork and efficiency.

Cost Savings

Reduced long-term training expenses.

Higher Quality Work

Better-equipped employees deliver higher-quality work.

Lower Turnover

Increased job satisfaction leads to reduced turnover.

Operations Training

Operations Training Program provides specialized training tailored to specific roles.

Are Your Operations Missing Out on Comprehensive Transportation Training?

Our Operations Training Program provides specialized training tailored to specific roles, including dispatcher, track and trace, load planner, and more.

Graduates of the program will be well-equipped to excel in their roles, contribute to efficient transportation operations, and make strategic decisions within the transportation industry.

Enhanced Efficiency

Improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Specialized Skills

Better job performance in specific roles.

Logistics Understanding

Deeper grasp of transportation logistics.

Effective Problem-Solving

Proficiency in crisis management and problem-solving.

Data-Driven Decisions

Informed decision-making through data analysis.

Cost-Effective Strategies

Ability to implement efficient operations for cost savings.

Carrier Sales 

Maximize your Carrier Sales Team Potential

Is Your Carrier Sales Team Maximizing Potential?

Designed to provide participants with a deep and comprehensive understanding of carrier sales principles, strategies, and techniques within the transportation industry.

Over the course of one year, trainees will cover a wide range of topics, including carrier selection, negotiation skills, load planning, regulatory compliance and more, fostering strong relationships with carriers and contributing strategically to transportation businesses.

Revenue Growth

Increased revenue from new carrier opportunities.

Effective Negotiations

Better deals and potential cost savings through improved negotiation skills.

Optimized Logistics

Efficient load planning for resource savings.

Compliance Assurance

Avoidance of penalties through regulatory compliance.

Reliable Carriers

Strong relationships with carriers for reliability and cost control.

Strategic Contributions

Employees contribute strategically, supporting business growth.

Shipper Sales

Prepare participants for successful careers in shipper sales.

Are Your Shipper Sales Opportunities Going Unexplored?

Designed to prepare participants for successful careers in shipper sales. It covers a comprehensive range of topics, including logistics, negotiation, relationship management, regulatory compliance, and technology utilization.

Graduates of the program will be well-equipped to excel in shipper sales roles, fostering strong relationships with shippers and contributing strategically to transportation businesses.

Sales Mastery

Improved sales performance through mastering shipper sales techniques.

Effective Lead Generation

Enhanced lead generation for increased sales opportunities.

Efficient Logistics

Streamlined logistics operations for better efficiency.

Stronger Client Relationships

Enhanced customer loyalty and relationship-building skills.

Data-Driven Decisions

More strategic sales approaches based on data analysis.

Profitable Strategies

Increased revenue and profitability through effective sales strategies.

Customer Service

The Customer Service Curriculum is designed to help you to provide exceptional customer service.

Is Your Customer Service Excellence Truly Exceptional?

The Customer Service Curriculum is designed to equip trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to provide exceptional customer service across various industries. This program covers essential customer service concepts, communication techniques, problem-solving strategies, and customer relationship management.

Service Mastery

Ensured consistent excellence in customer service.

Efficient Issue Handling

Improved customer inquiry and complaint management.

Customer Insight

Better understanding and meeting customer needs.

Effective Communication

Proficiency in empathetic and active communication.

Problem Solving

Enhanced issue resolution skills.

Loyalty Building

Creation of loyal customers through exceptional experiences.

Business Development

The Business Development Curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for roles focused on expanding and growing a business.

Could Your Business Flourish Even More?

The Business Development Curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for roles focused on expanding and growing a business. This program equips trainees with strategies and skills to identify opportunities, build partnerships, and drive growth.

Accelerated Business Growth

Skills drive rapid business growth.

Profitable Opportunities

Employees generate new revenue sources.

Competitive Edge

Market insights keep your business ahead.

Revenue Boost

Negotiation prowess leads to increased revenue.

Profitable Decisions

Data-driven decisions boost profitability.

Strategic Expansion

Effective plans drive business growth.

Marketing Training

Marketing training program is designed to provide participants with a well-rounded education in marketing.

Is Your Marketing Plan Unlocking All Possibilities?

This marketing training program is designed to provide participants with a well-rounded education in marketing, including traditional and digital marketing, analytics, strategy development, and practical application through a capstone project.

Graduates of the program will be well prepared to excel in various marketing roles and make strategic contributions to their organizations.

Higher ROI

Improved campaigns lead to increased ROI.

Success Assurance

Proficient employees ensure campaign success, boosting revenue.

Market Leadership

Better understanding of the market drives market leadership.

Online Visibility

Digital proficiency enhances online presence, attracting customers.

Profitable Decisions

Data-driven decisions mean more profitable strategies.

Competitive Edge

Effective strategies provide a competitive advantage, driving growth.

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Great online broker training class ProfitQuest! I really enjoyed the course! Extremely informative, organized presentations with charts, graphs, end of chapter summaries etc. They’re straight to the point and simple to understand. Interesting topics covered like sales and operations, effective negotiating, understanding pricing, building relationships, U.S. DOT regulatory compliances just to name a few.

The instructors covered everything from A to Z. They are great instructors and the best part they have experience in the industry. I found this course to be very informative. Each section builds on to the next section/subject matter, which provides great building blocks to help you understand the entire scope from a broker’s perspective.

This is definitely a must take course for any individuals or companies who want to learn and understand how to apply what you’ve learned in order to perform successfully as a freight broker/agent in such a fast paced industry. Thanks guys, highly impressed!

Sales Executive

I have over 30 years in the business but for 28 of those years I sat on the other side of the fence as a shipping manager. My knowledge of brokering was limited to contact with carriers. The transition to the broker side of the business was greatly accelerated by my being able to use ProfitQuest.

I gained an immediate perspective on the brokerage side of moving commodity in today’s world , from basic operations in customer service, relationship development, carrier development, pricing and negotiating. The benefits of the $12.00 rule and odd numbered offers to carriers, has increased both my margin and my ability to close a negotiation quickly. This has led me to receive rewards and acclamations for my work.

ProfitQuest has been invaluable in creating a sense of direction and positivity in not only my work life, but I find it can be useful at home as well (I have two teenagers at home, negotiation is a daily occurrence!). I look forward to continuing to learn and grow through the use of the skills I am gaining by embracing ProfitQuest.

Operations Manager

We have been using ProfitQuest with great success over the past two years! We have experienced over 100% revenue growth over this time, and much of these gains can be attributed to the utilization of ProfitQuest in our new employee training process. I am hiring more new associates, and I need to add more users to our subscription!


ProfitQuest has become an essential tool in our business. We have employees at our company that have been in the brokerage business ranging from new to 20 plus years and with that experience comes habits… good and bad.

ProfitQuest has helped open the minds of even our most tenured employees to ideas that helped them progress in our company focus. In addition to each employees role, ProfitQuest’ s courses cover the entire brokerage business from Operations to Sales to Marketing and Leadership giving each employee a look at and ultimately respect for each other’s role.

I would recommend ProfitQuest to anyone looking to learn and take their freight brokerage to the next level.

VP Operations

I feel as though the ProfitQuest Courses should be a must to anyone going into the freight brokerage world. They are not only informative but also extremely helpful whether you are new to the industry or a 10 year veteran. I strongly suggest these courses!

Operations Manager

Thanks so much! Your training is always such a breath of fresh air! I want to turn on the theme song from Rocky and conquer the world! Your techniques have really made a difference in my approach the last few days and made MY job soooo much more enjoyable! I really appreciate your knowledge, especially that you are associated with the industry rather than a generalized method.

Sales Executive

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