Do You Know Where Your Business Stands Today? 

Are you taking the right steps to reach your goals? Our Business Assessments provide the answers you need to drive success.

We delve deep into every facet of your Business, unveiling strengths to leverage and weaknesses to address. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll make informed decisions, set achievable goals, and soar to new heights. Don’t just wonder – know where your Business is heading!

Why is a Comprehensive Business Assessment Essential for Your Success?

Data-Driven Decisions

Make smarter decisions backed by assessment insights.


Profit Boost

Optimize operations to increase profitability.

Strategic Focus

Align strategies with assessment findings for growth.

Competitive Edge

Outperform competitors with targeted improvements.

Clear Goals

Set achievable goals based on assessment results.


Efficient Resource Use

Maximize resource allocation for better ROI.

Employee Engagement

Foster a culture of improvement with staff involvement.

Improved Leadership

Hone leadership skills through assessment action.

Enhanced Communication

Boost team synergy with clear assessment-driven communication.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfy customers better by addressing assessment-identified issues.

Our Business Assessments provide the answers you need to drive success

360 Business Assessment

The 360 Business Assessment provides an holistic overview of key areas within an organization to determine its current state:

Financial State

Cultural Health

Leadership profiles 

Customer/Market position

Through a combination questionnaires, surveys and direct data gathering, ProfitQuest collects, curates and interprets the data to express a current representation of the organization. ProfitQuest provides comparative data for similar businesses within the industry to set both internal and external benchmarks. This assessment serves as the initial point of reference to build and design the goals and desired state for any organization.

Leadership Assessment to improve communication, collaboration, and organizational strategy effectiveness.

Leadership Assessment

95 USD

Gain insights into your management team’s strengths, growth areas and their impact on team dynamics. Elevate communication, collaboration, and organizational strategy effectiveness.

Strengths and areas for improvement

Personality profiles (DISC assessment)

Leadership style

Impact on team dynamics

Communication enhancement

Collaboration optimization

New Hire Assessment collects data on candidate's for your business.

New Hire Assessment

65 USD

This assessment collects data on a candidate’s  skills, analyzing them based on their classification as Management, Operations/Customer Service, or Sales profiles. The resulting report aligns the candidate’s profile with the successful traits ideal for the respective role, including industry-specific strengths.

This assessment gathers data from the candidate regarding:

Strengths and capabilities

Personality profile

Written communication skills

Cultural Workplace Assessment offers insights for organizational enhancement in your business.

Cultural Assessment

990 USD

The Cultural Workplace Assessment offers insights for organizational enhancement, providing a snapshot of cultural strengths and challenges for strategic leverage.

Solid cultural areas recognized within the organization.

Urgent improvement focus areas highlighted.

Effective Recruitment & Hiring for new team members.

Nurturing employee growth for success

Employee-desired areas: Purpose, Respect, Oneness, Dialogue, Balance, Worth.

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