Witness 15X your Investment with Coaching

Imagine a coaching approach that doesn’t just aim for improvement but guarantees a 15-fold return on your investment. Our method begins with an exhaustive assessment of your business, scrutinizing every detail for opportunities.

Our seasoned coaches work in tandem with your executives to craft a razor-sharp strategy destined for success. Elevate your business with our proven expertise and embark on the journey to the future you’ve always dreamed of.

15-fold return on your investment for your business.
Organizational Enhacement for your organization

Organizational Enhacement

Our tailored coaching delves into all aspects of your business, identifying strengths and weaknesses for holistic improvements.

Customized Transformation for your business

Customized Transformation

Collaborating closely, we craft a customized strategy to drive exceptional outcomes, aligning with your goals for remarkable success.

Proven Success for your business

Proven Success

Benefit from our coach’s experience and wisdom, making informed decisions and embracing opportunities that lead your business towards a prosperous future.

Are You Tired of Low Productivity and Poor Margins?

Significant Margin Increase

Achieve a 16% increase in margin, resulting in substantial profitability.

Immediate ROI

A 1% increase in performance yields directly to your bottom line, offering a remarkable 15X return on investment, with no need for major changes.

Boosted Net Income

Experience a 25% increase in net income, enhancing your financial stability and profitability.

Sales Growth

Generate an additional income in new sales to achieve the same increase in net revenue, expanding your market reach and revenue streams.

Affordable Investment

All these benefits come at an affordable cost.

Meet our Coaches

Mike Riccio - More Than Miles Consulting - Coach - Coaching for your business

Mike Riccio

President and Owner of More Than Miles Consulting. As an industry veteran with 35 years of experience in the Transportation Industry, he has been a tremendous resource in the growth of different companies. 

 “I saw a lot of people that didn’t have someone to be a mentor, someone to help them, someone to lean on. I wanted to get involved in coaching because I thought that I could help people achieve their goals and give them an intentional pathway in how to do that”

Tory Bass - Eagle Transportation - Coach - Coaching for your business

Tory Bass

Logistics industry leader who co-founded Eagle Transportation, fostering its growth from inception to a $100 million revenue enterprise. He has a  passion for people and an ethos of genuine care.

“It has been my long-standing desire to drive inspirational leadership while developing dynamic team members. I am bringing 17+ years of experience from the logistics world to the front line. It’s a pretty simple formula to me, take care of the people and they will take care of the business”.

Jeff McMahon - ZMac Transport - Coach - Coaching for your business

Jeff McMahon

CoFounder of ZMac, Jeff brings his unwavering sales leadership and business insights. Thriving in logistics’ dynamic realm, he’s set on fostering growth and sharing valuable lessons with our clients.

“Nothing happens until we make a sale. I have started and owned companies for over 25 years, working in logistics for the past 13. I love everything about logistics. It’s fast moving and you need to be on your game everyday. I enjoy seeing people succeed in this business and I hope to share what I know.”

Tim Kolb - GrowthNexus - Coach - Coaching for your business

Tim Kolb

Tim is the Director of Customer Experience and managing partner at GrowthNexus. Tim started his sales career with The Scotts Miracle-Gro company and has spent the last 13 years in various leadership roles with some of the top organizations in the logistics industry, including Echo Global Logistics, ArcBest, and MoLo Solutions.

Tim specializes in helping companies accelerate their growth by developing effective strategies, structures, and processes that serve the needs and goals of their customers and creating a culture of success and support for their people.

Price Plan

Price List Item
Executive Program
$3,000/monthly payment

  • Customized Business Assessment
    • Financial, Cultural, Leadership, Market/Customer
    • Live strategy session at month 1 (on-site / virtual)
  • Re-assessment at month 12
  • 30 coaching sessions throughout the year
    • Aligned to your goals
    • Reflective to changes in your business
  • Access to documents and resources to support your growth
  • 5 licenses for ProfitQuest Academy platform
  • 5 licenses for ProfitQuest Strategy platform
  • Technical support

Price List Item
Individual Coaching Session
$500 USD

Ready to take your professional journey to the next level? Our experienced coaches, including Mike Riccio, Tory Bass, Tim Kolb, Jeff McMahon, and Joel McGinley, are here to guide you.

Harness their expertise and embark on a transformative coaching experience tailored just for you. Reach your goals, overcome challenges, and unlock your full potential.

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