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ProfitQuest, provides training, coaching, strategic planning, and industry networking designed to accelerate your company development and profitability – preparing and positioning your company to effectively compete and scale.


Our coaching service provides the direction and discipline to ensure the success of an organization. Through our methods and processes, we ensure people, teams, and organizations achieve their goals and objectives.

We are happy and proud to being able to make available such talented people as our Coaches and Mentors. They are here to help you and your company grow.

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Focused on the skill development of the individual. ProfitQuest provides over a hundred operations and sales training modules, with +50 hours of On-Demand video and new training modules added every month.

As well as management and executive training that will help transform your business.

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ProfitQuest also acts as a strategic planning tool that allows your company to develop and manage a successful growth strategy.
Strategic Planning


Hubtek has created four specialized business assessments based on over 30 years of experience supporting companies’ growth. Assess your current status to understand how to reach your desired status. Making sure you know your weaknesses and strengths is key to accomplishing your goals. If you are unsure of where to start, we would recommend starting with Hubtek’s overall business assessment service, to have a comprehensive understanding of your status. 



ProfitQuest was created by Logistics Industry veterans with over 30 years of experience, Therefore, ProfitQuest also provides training, coaching, strategic planning, and industry networking specialized for the Logistics and Transportation Industry.


We have created modules for Carrier sourcing, carrier sales, broker training, and more, designed to provide professional all-inclusive training for your operations in the Supply chain!

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Coaches & Mentors

 Coaches are those with the highest knowledge and skill to coach you about one or more topics related to business matters and our Center of Excellence. While mentors are those who have supported the creation of training.


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Through the years we have created a variety of resources, Q&A, and documentation for you and your team’s growth.

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Overall Business Assessment

Overall Business Assessment

The Overall Business Assessment or 365 Assessment reviews the overall status of the key areas of an organization such as:

  • Its current financial state.
  • Its current cultural health.
  • Its current customer relationships.
  • Its current leadership management and personality styles of leaders.

The gathering of the information to analyze these key areas is mainly provided through a Business Assessment Questionnaire, an employee assessment, (employees receive a survey to assess the cultural health of the organization), and a leadership assessment the leadership team receives. In addition, customer service surveys are conducted with company customers (usually 4) to gain insight into the quality of customer service provided by the company. This information provides an enlightened look at a business and allows us to best advise you.

Cultural Assessment

Cultural Workplace Assessment

The Cultural Workplace Assessment or Cultural Stress Assessment provides insights on how to leverage an organization to improve. This assessment provides the company with a snapshot view of the cultural successes and challenges they face in terms of:

1. Basis: the areas that are solid in their company culture, and well-recognized as part of the organizational culture.
2. Issues: areas of improvement that need the most urgent attention.
3. New team member: Recruitment & Hiring.
4. Retention & Development of your people towards the achievement of success.
5. Wishlist: the areas most desired by the employees, whether to be improved or to be maintained. Some of the most common areas are Purpose: the organization’s mission has a larger purpose that goes beyond producing goods/services or even being the best in a given business. Respect: all people are shown respect regardless of rank or title. Oneness-a sense: that “we’re all in this together”. Dialogue: honest and constructive dialogue involving people at all levels of the organization. Balance: people respect the fact that there’s life beyond work. Worth: people want to feel genuinely valued for their contribution.

Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment

Through this assessment, you will be able to better understand the main trait of your management team, by assessing their strengths, opportunities for improvement, and management. (It evaluates personality profiles based on the DISC assessment and leadership style). Plus, it also analyzes how those characteristics affect their team members in order to determine how the group can become more effective in communication and collaboration to drive the strategy of the organization.

New Hire Assessment

New Hire Assessment

This assessment gathers data from the candidate regarding:

  • Their strengths/capabilities profile.
  • Their personality profile.
  • And their written communication skills.

The profiles are then analyzed depending on their classification, whether those are Management profiles, Operations/Customer Service profiles, or Sales profiles.

The information is then used to compile a report that assesses how well their overall profile characteristics lines-up with the ideal profile characteristics of someone found to be successful in that position. Plus, the first part of the assessment also evaluates a candidate’s strengths based on common strengths which we have found to be prevalent in successful people in the Transportation Industry.



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