Tabi Connect

enables brokers and carriers to:

– Respond to ALL the quotes they want.

NONE of the quotes they don’t want.

– Record 100% of the data, regardless of how the rate request is received.

Why Tabi Connect Rate Management System?

  • Currently interacting with over 48 shipper platforms or TMSs. 
  • Currently embedded in Outlook for processing free-form text emails. Front and Gmail are coming soon.
  • RFP functionality at your fingertips.
  • Tabi Connect is the exclusive reseller of e2open and Blue Yonder APIs, which provide significant discounts on API costs and speed to go live. 

Dive into webinar recordings, delve into case studies, and discover the insights of our satisfied customer.

Add Tabi Connect to your email! 

This plugin is built and designed for Tabi Connect users which will enable them to automate free-form text emails, quotes and record the data points and analytics for each quote.  

Individuals must have a subscription to Tabi Connect to utilize this plug-in, if you would like to learn more about a subscription to Tabi Connect email sales@tabiconnect.com 

Tabi Connect User!

If you need assistance with Tabi Connect, please email Tabisupport@gohutek.com.

Are you interested in exploring Tabi Connect Outlook?

Customer Testimonial

Legacy Supply Chain

Tabi Connect and their real-time rating function have revolutionized our ability to instantly connect shippers to accurate, competitive rates with high-quality carriers, which drives better cost and service performance. We are able to gain market knowledge from Tabi Connect in real time. That allows us to make the best possible decisions not only for legacy, but also for our customers.” 

“We have been able to triple our volume using Tabi Connect, and the best part is, real-time parameter adjusting is offered so we can fine-tune based on the market.” 

“Collaborating with the Hubtek team and integrating their technologies has enabled us to capture a larger market share and engage in every opportunity presented to us. Moreover, the valuable business insights we gather empower us to swiftly and effectively make strategic decisions, a key factor in our commitment to delivering top-tier service to our customers.”  


Dive into webinar recordings, delve into case studies, and discover the insights of our satisfied customers. 

Tabi Connect Partners

“E2open has been a pivotal partner at the crossroads of all parties in supply chain for decades; it has been a great accomplishment that Tabi Connect was selected by e2open as their exclusive preferred technology provider for API rate quoting.”  

“Efficiency is at the core of both Cargo Chief and Tabi Connect, naturally creating a great fit to bring mutual customers the power of automation.”  

“Truckstop has been one of the longest-trusted partners in Logistics. Now, through the integration of Tabi Connect and Truckstop, mutual customers can bring efficiency and trust to their rate quoting.”    

Trucking’s largest on-demand freight marketplace. Drive your business forward with more opportunities and clearer choices. Integrated with RateView and RateCast. 
RateView: https://cloud.comms.dat.com/hubtek-rateview 
RateCast: https://cloud.comms.dat.com/hubtek-ratecast 

Dynamic Price Discovery enables a frictionless experience for carriers to provide real-time capacity and rates to subscribing Blue Yonder TMS Shippers. Tabi Connect is the exclusive rate quoting automation reseller of Blue Yonder’s dynamic price discovery service; empowering affordability and ease for Tabi Connect users.   

Tabi Connect and Greenscreens.ai bring a modern approach to rate quoting. With this integration, Carriers and brokers can now provide their shippers with faster and more accurate quotes than ever before.”   

Tabi Connect is the 6x Best in Show winner!


How does Tabi Connect work?

  • Tabi follows the same steps that your team is currently doing but at a much faster pace, while recording all data points. When Tabi Connect receives a rate request, Tabi will API connect to the rate engine you are currently utilizing (including your historical data), pull back the expected truck rate, and run the baseline rate through our dynamic logic tree that your employees can control on the fly, without any coding. Tabi Connect then determines the final bill amount and submits the rate back to your shipper platform or email, all in as fast as 3 seconds.

Besides shipper TMSs, how does Tabi process rate requests?

  • Tabi can read free-form text emails and is embedded in your inbox. Tabi can process RFPs and bulk spot loads from an Excel file. In addition to those forms, Tabi Connect also provides an internal API quoting portal for your employees, and an external API portal that our customers can white label and then present to their shippers.

Does Tabi have any restrictions regarding websites that can be accessed?

  • Tabi Connect utilizes both APIs and RPA, which significantly increases the reach and stability of the integrations. Currently, Tabi Connect is interacting with over 48 different platforms, and growing. If we are currently not interacting with the desired platform, we will build out the connection, often in under 3 weeks.

How does Tabi Connect's pricing work?

  • Our pricing is based on how many shippers you would like to automate, and invoicing does not start until you are 100% live. We structured our pricing this way so that you can scale and only pay for what you need. This also aligns with our companies, so we are invested in your success. If our customers are not successful, then they will not add more shippers, or grow.

How long does Tabi Connect take to implement?

  • On average, our customers are live 4 weeks after proposal acceptance.

What are the IT or technical requirements for our customers?

  • There are almost zero technical requirements for our customers. We design, build, manage, and monitor everything ourselves. All we require from our customers are their credentials.